Betta Bees



Betta Bees Research Limited has been distributing high quality breeder queens since 2004. In the beginning we started with 10 hives per shareholders and have been expanding ever since. Today the company has a core of 400 hives,  allowing us to supply over 100 instrumentally inseminated breeder queens each year to our shareholders and customers. We offer both Instrumentally inseminated breeder queens and Open mated queens for purchase.



Instrumentally inseminated breeder queens

These Queen bees are specifically breed from our closed breeding population. To find out more about the programme check out our Breading section.

Open mated queens

Naturally mated queens raised from our best breeder hives, chosen based on our strict selection criteria (limited numbers available)


If you would like to help us protect the future and wellbeing of the New Zealand honeybee, check out our gift options.